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Amy Stevens – Waiting For Heart Transplant

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“On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, I was told that my heart function was continuing to drop.

I have had 12 heart attacks, two of those being the widow maker, along with 2 ablations, triple by-pass in January of 2013, where I coded several times and was in a coma.  As you can see in my photo (Go Red for Women), I look healthy, but that isn’t always the case!  I also have a pacer/defibulator. After several echos, my heart function is continuing to decline.

I am a 53 year old grandmother of one and a mother of 2 beautiful young women. I myself had never registered as an organ donor due to so many health issues in the past. I figured no one would want any of my organs. I researched and realized that there were so many other things that I did have to offer. I am proud to say now, I am a registered donor.

I registered on the day after I found out my diagnosis. What could be more beautiful than the gift of life. I’m so happy that I researched and found that I have other organs that could help someone else. Thank you to all who are donors and may God bless each and every one of you!”


Regardless of age or medical history, anyone & everyone can join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry!  Simply go online: and sign up today!  Every registered donor give HOPE to those patients, like Amy, who are waiting for their Gift of Life.

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