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Lexi Back- Heart Recipient

Lexi Heart picLexi Heart picSmall Lexi Heart PIckTwo Souls, one healthy heart. A fragile twin girl’s life completely dependent upon a team of doctors and a gracious gift from an unknown blessing: a gift that would ensure a second chance at a life that was just beginning.
After Alex and Lexi Back were born, doctors discovered one of the twin’s hearts was overgrown and not properly functioning. This delicate newborn was placed on a waiting list for a new heart, and just at six months old, Lexi received a match and underwent a heart transplant. “Knowing i have someone elses heart is weird, but having a second chance at life is such a blessing” says Lexi.

Recovering from extensive, risky procedure, Lexi slowly started living the typical lifestyle her twin brother, Alex, was living. Even with no memory of this massive surgery, Lexi’s outlook on life was still forever impacted. “it taught me to be happy with what I have because I know anything can be taken away within a blink of an eye,” says Lexi.
Lexi Heart pic
With a heart full of love and gratitude, Lexi plans on giving back. “I want to start an organization that educates people on the demanding need of new hearts and becoming an organ donor,” says Lexi.
Lexi is living a normal, healthy, and active lifestyle with no restrictions! “A lot of people know my story,” Lexi says, “but hardly anyone understands what it means to have a second chance at life.”