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Andrew “Andy” Shorter – Donor

Andrew Michael Shorter was born on August 23, 1978 – the brother of two older sisters – and the last child in the family.  As the only boy, he was often dubbed, “Prince Andrew” by his Grandmother & Great Grandmother.

Andy was a happy child – would tell jokes, easy-going, and I have fond memories of him jumping into leaves and laughing and enjoying life.  In 1st grade he had a best friend – Nick, and the two would draw cartoons, watch TV and play Legos hours-on-end!  They were such close friends, they could read each other’s minds, look at each other & laugh because they knew what the other one was thinking, and I think we parents were a necessary inconvenience for them.

Andy went to Our Savior Lutheran grammar school in Louisville, KY.  He often had questions about religion and studied philosophy and religion his entire life.  He graduated high school from Hudson High school in Hudson, OH.   He attended Kent State University briefly, but did not enjoy college. 

In 1998 he moved back to Louisville and attended Jefferson Community College for two years.  He worked at UPS at night for ten years.  His co-workers and bosses enjoyed his work ethic and dry humor.  He played guitar and hoped to become the next Bob Dylan – his idol. 

On Sept. 29th, about 8:30 AM, he called me and said he thought he was in trouble.  His right side was numb and he could barely walk.  I drove over to his house – only a few blocks away, and drove him immediately to Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, KY.  The last thing he said to me was, “Mom, you are an awesome driver.”  He was not in the Emergency Room for 10 minutes when an Arterial Venous Malformation ruptured and he coded.  He was instantly brain dead because all five arteries at the base of the brain had ruptured at the same time. 

Andy had always been a generous and loving person in life and had even given his niece the book, “The Giving Tree,” the previous Christmas.  It was not difficult to make the decision to donate his organs to help others live.  What a wonderful legacy he has left so many people!  He continues to live on through others and always in his family’s heart.  Our family will always mourn the loss of “Our Boy,” and we have memories of a loving and handsome son & brother – who was and is our hero always. 

(Story shared by Karen Shorter – Andy’s Mom.)