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Liver Recipient

My story starts in 2010. I received my liver transplant in December 2019.

The mission of organ donation for me means, a future. Because of Transplant, I was able to see my first grandson be born and my daughter get married, and since we just celebrated my second grandchild‘s birth in July 2022.

I have also been able to contact my donor family. I want the public to know that organ donation saved my life. It saved my family‘s life and it also molded my grand children’s life for the future. It gave me a second chance to live and to breathe and I thank God every day for all the blessings that I have. I have so many stories to share of my blessings. I don’t think I can fit them all right here.

I volunteer at the transplant center when I can, I make quilts for people who are bedridden, and I am now making memory bears with clothing of deceased, loved ones. I heard that my donors granddaughter was doing a fundraiser for her community so I asked myself what can I do to help. I asked some of my friends and family and hometown people for a small donation, and was able to raise her a nice little chunk of money. I met with her today to give her the money. She had no idea, and it totally melted all of our hearts ❤️.

To me organ donation is not what you’re leaving behind, but what you are giving to your future, to your grand children’s future your nieces future, your nephews future, your sons future , everyone’s!