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Donor Grandfather

It was in late Spring in 2022. I was at work. Me and my grandson were very close. I would FaceTime him every morning from work to check on him. My daughter was a stay at home mom of three. They lived with us. That morning, around 10:00 or so I FaceTime my daughter but she didn’t answer. I assumed they were still in bed so I waited for her to respond to me. Around 10:30 or so I called to see if she was up. No answer. I was worried so I called my mother-in-law that lives next door to see if she had heard from my daughter. She hadn’t heard from her, but stated the EMS, police and firefighters were at my house. I received a call from my daughters phone and it was the EMS. My grandson had been outside playing and made his way into my daughters boyfriend’s car. He had a gun hidden in the console. He found it and shot himself in the neck.

He was life-flighted to Norton’s where our family had to make the decisions about what we would do if he didn’t survive his injuries. We asked about organ donation and a KODA team came in to speak to us. Trent helped us in so many ways. He explained everything and was always very caring to my family. Ezra’s donations saved 3 children. He’s our superhero. It’s still hard to talk about that day. I wanted to do something to help others that may have to go through a situation like we did.

We miss Ezra every day.  I want to make sure his legacy continues to live on so I’m sharing his story and I have signed up to be a donate life ambassador.