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Anna, Liver Recipient

Imagine lying in bed at night, trying to scratch an itch that you can’t reach.  Until a life-saving liver transplant in 2012, Anna lived daily with this and the many other uncomfortable symptoms associated with biliary atresia, an end stage liver disease.  Even though Anna was born healthy, a virus attacked her liver, and caused the need for a liver transplant.

Anna was on the waiting list for over three years before the call came that a family had generously agreed to organ donation, and that a liver had become available for Anna.  Anna’s family knew that the call was a life-saving one for Anna, and they give thanks daily to her donor and donor family.  They have become huge advocates for organ donation, knowing that not everyone is as lucky as Anna.  They encourage people to join the donor registry when they renew their driver’s license, or simply by taking five minutes to go online to and join.  It can make the difference between life and death.