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Natasha, Organ Donor

Natasha was a caring, loving, giving – very unselfish beautiful daughter.  Always wore a smile – she lit up a room and a laugh that you would always remember.  She told me when she was in nursing school she wanted to be a donor.  I have been able to tell Tasha’s story and make people aware that life is everlasting.  My daughter’s life carries on to three more people and changed their lives, their family’s lives, and  Tasha lives on – what she did was a legacy to her life.

I have met one recipient and she is truly beautiful inside and out.  Her wish was to meet the donor family and her sisters helped arrange that.  I am so happy for them – I have no regrets – none and it makes a big difference not only to her but to me.  Her personality is so uplifting and to know that Tasha gave her that makes me very proud as a momma.  This donation has not just assisted me with healing but has reaffirmed my faith that God already knew how this was going to be only positive going forward.   If it wasn’t for Tasha’s unselfish gift I think I would be struggling even more with her death. Those who have a choice to give, please know this is a healing gift to the donor family

As told by Natasha’s mother, Donna