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Kidney Recipient

Just a little about me…I was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I attended DuPont Manual High School (Class of 2002). After graduating, from Manual, I went to Eastern Kentucky University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Class of 2006). Followed by me attending Spalding University to earn my Masters (Class of 2010).

My education journey offered me many opportunities. A few where the various positions in my career that I had. Right out of college from Eastern Kentucky University, I started my first professional career as a County Extension 4-H Agent in Louisville, KY for the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. It was in that role I served as an educator for children, youth, and families, teaching leadership, citizenship, and life skills, while using agriculture principles.

I progressed into a director position working in higher education at University of Kentucky, moving next to the manufacturing world doing human resources work, and NOW finally in a role intentionally designed for me as a diversity equity inclusion officer.

Y’all have seen me presenting, teaching, organizing, advocating, and really having fun! Now, I am out here doing the same by sharing my journey of being differently abled with my health. As I traveled down my own career path my health has always been a challenge for me. In the last year or so, I have faced some very serious health conditions, that at times have consumed a lot of me.

Understand, in some respects my health has gotten better, but in other ways, my chronic kidney disease has progressed rapidly. I mean REAL FAST. I am now at a point that the best form of treatment for me is to undergo a kidney transplant. My amazing care team is preparing me now for a kidney transplant.
Hence the reason for me sharing my story.

Ultimately, my goal is to find a living donor kidney match, but the other part is to share my story with hope and prayer that you can be a blessing and consider being an organ or tissue donor. Now, of course I want you to consider giving me your spare part, so I can continue to live my life like it is golden, but really, I just want you to be aware of the importance of living a holistic healthy life.

So, with all humility, I am spilling the tea! My desire is to be as transparent as I can. Sharing with you how I am handling all of this as a mother, daughter, professional, student, friend, and more importantly, as a child of GOD!

Stay tuned…Share my Story…and know the best is yet to come!

Update: Ashley received her lifesaving gift in August 2023!