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Betty- Registered Donor

Betty Winston Bayé is an independent journalist, motivational speaker, and registered organ donor. She is well known in the Louisville area for being a columnist for the Courier Journal for almost three decades.

Living kidney donation is very near and dear to her heart, as her first cousin and friend both received a kidney with this type of donation. As long as she can remember, the organ donor icon has been on her license.

Bayé was recently reintroduced to organ donation and Donate Life KY through a partnership with the Louisville Chapter Chums, Inc. Chums, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes civic, cultural, educational, and social improvement in local communities.

Betty believes that art exhibits and just general conversations need to be had in Black and Brown communities because of hereditary diseases like diabetes, access to healthcare and misinformation.

She believes that things from the past bring current hesitancies in healthcare, especially in rare situations like organ donation and transplantation.

She noted, “I can’t use them where I’m going.” (Heaven)