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Briana- Nurse

Briana Craddock has been an advocate for organ donation inside and outside of hospitals for years now. As nurse, she’s had patients who went on to be organ donors and taken care of transplant recipients.

She’s now back in the classroom in two ways: as a professor to future nurses and as a student, seeking her Doctorate in order to be a Family Nurse Practitioner.

She’s been inspired by those students striving to be better and by her family as well.

Briana understands that she is a huge influence on the next generation of nurses. She speaks positively on donation in the classroom and will have KODA in to speak to students.

“The impact that you make on the next line of nurses essentially makes positive or negative impressions which structure their practices. If you want the next line of exceptional nurses, you have to be an exceptional teacher because you can’t have one without the other,” said Craddock.

Her family recently grew with the addition of her daughter. She understands wholly that life is precious and that decisions you make impact the future for others.

Briana will continue to be a proponent of the Donate Life mission, in or out of the hospital.