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Cornea Recipient

When I was younger, I applied for the ARMY but was turned down due to my sight. They told me my eye shape was irregular, but they didn’t know the reason.  This was my first indication that I had something wrong with my eye. My life was normal. I loved my family, my job, and playing video games. I didn’t think about my eye irregularities again until my cornea ruptured, and the liquid pooled into the front of my eye leaving me blind.

I suddenly went blind in one eye and had to continue to drive 1 hour round trip back and forth to work and continue to work doing my job.  This was a very scary situation and very dangerous for the job that I do. I had to stop my photography business because I lacked focus and sight. Everything was 100x harder to do with just one eye. I was always a very upbeat happy person, and this began to put me in a depressed mood. I was so worried about my future and worried I’d never have sight in my eye, also the thought of surgery scared me.

Once the doctor told me I was accepted t to have my surgery, all types of emotions flooded my mind. I was happy, anxious, scared, ready to get it done and be able to see out both of my eyes again. Basically, I was eager to continue my life like I had been living it before my cornea ruptured.

For the first few weeks it was a struggle. I continued to work until my swelling and eye adjusted. Once that happened, I immediately was able to see again. I was ecstatic and overjoyed that I could see my wife and family again.

I now have a new perspective on donation. The donors who give these amazing gifts really do save and heal lives. Without the precious gift they gave me, I wouldn’t be able to see my wife and kid’s faces clearly. I wouldn’t have been able to go back to school and continue my education and move up in my career.  I wouldn’t have been able to expand my photography business.

I am truly honored for my donor’s sacrifice. They gave me back mine and my family’s life through the gift of sight. I think about them all the time and how much their family must miss them. I hope they know I am doing my best every day to live my life to the fullest because the second chance they gave me.

I am blessed to be able to receive such a gift. I am happy every morning when I open my eyes and can see.