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My son was killed on 12/19/2019.

Christian was always a giving child who loved everyone he came into contact with so when KODA called me after he passed, first they were sorry to hear about our loss and and sent prayers for healing. ‍ I truly didn’t even think of donating; it doesn’t cross your mind when you have just lost a child.  However, I’m happy they called, because a part of my son still lives on in a couple of people.

My son donated his eyes, tissue, and heart valves. It may not have been his heart lungs or kidney, but someone today can see, walk, and pump blood to their heart. Without the little things the big things don’t work well.  Those “little” donations of tissue make a BIG impact in people’s lives; that’s how I look at it.

My son Christian Gwynn 11/28/2000-12/19/2019 lives on.

I wish I could meet his recipients, but if I never do, just know you have a great kid in your life and he was wonderful in all avenues.