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Heart Recipient

 My name is Teresa Hobbs. I am a heart transplant recipient. I received my gift of life on July 20, 2019. I live with my best friend and husband David who I have been married to for 49 years. I have 4 grown married children Mandy, Eric, Kyle, and Megan. I also have 9 grandchildren who have brought so much joy to my life. Their names are Grace, Robert, Tanner, Conner, Tori, Ty, Rylan, Aubree, and Jake. I am a retired teacher and preschool liaison for Graves County schools.. I live on a farm near Fancy Farm, Ky.

My heart failure made me sad because I did not want to leave my family. I knew I would probably not make it to my 50th anniversary to the love of my life. I knew I would miss so many graduations, weddings, birthdays , small memorable moments and opportunities to be supportive of my family.

I didn’t want to miss opportunities to be the best Nana. I know in my heart my grandchildren wanted me there. I love my family so much and I am still here because of a donor’s greatest gift. A gift of life my family and I are so grateful to have received.

I started a scripture book study group since having my heart transplant. The group has been an inspiring and enlightening addition to my life. I love attending sports, school, church and everyday life events of my grandchildren. These are accomplishments I can’t imagine not being here for. These are memories I wouldn’t want to miss. Most of all my simple everyday moments at home with my husband are blessings I am fortunate to still enjoy.

I am so grateful and appreciative of my donor’s selfless gift. There are no words that describe the thankfulness I feel toward my donor. One of the hardest things I have done is to write my donor’s family. I wanted them to know what their love one did for me and my family. I also wanted to express my sympathy to them for their loss. My donor will always be my hero.