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Dale Griffey – Donor

Dale Griffey’s favorite Bible verse was “What greater love can a man have than to lay down his life for another.”  He lived that verse to the fullest when he became an organ donor in 1995.

Dale made the decision to become a donor after meeting a family whose 17 year-old son had received a heart and double lung transplant.  On our way home from the hospital, where we met the family, Dale told me that when he died he wanted to become a donor.  Dale had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and realizing he would have the opportunity to save others, donation became his life’s mission.

Organ donation was so important to Dale that when friends came to visit him, as his health declined, and would ask how he was doing; Dale always responded with, “I’m fine.  I’m going to be an organ donor!”

On June 28, 1995 Dale shared the ‘gift of life’ with three people in need.  Though losing Dale was devastating, we were so proud, knowing he had accomplished his mission to save others through organ donation.

(Story shared by Dale’s family.)