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Deanne Logsdon – Liver Recipient

A little over 11 years ago, I took an antibiotic for an infection and I had an allergic reaction a couple of weeks after taking it.  I was in acute liver failure and was admitted to the hospital.  After several tests,
I was told that I would probably be in need of a liver transplant.

Our family knew that many people were praying for us and that the Lord was going to take care of me, but I continued to get worse and eventually went into a coma.  One evening the doctors told my husband I was not going to live through the night. 

God provided my new liver that night.  Someone I didn’t know saved my life because they had made the decision to be an organ donor.   

Since my transplant, I have lived a healthy and normal life.  I’ve been able to see all of our children grow and graduate from high school.  Recently, my son married his sweetheart, and I have held my first grandchild. 

I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider being an organ donor and help save a life.