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Elizabeth Brooks – Family Member of Recipient and Donor

In February of 2001, my Aunt became sick with what we thought was the flu.  It turned out to be liver failure. 

She saw many doctors, all with the same response – there was nothing they could do for her.  One local doctor refused to give up hope and referred her to UK Hospital in Lexington.  The doctors there decided that, if she stayed strong enough, she could be placed on the waiting list to receive a liver transplant.  

At 1:30 am, one August morning, 2002, my Aunt received the life-saving phone call. She was to go to Lexington right away to receive a liver transplant. The surgery was a success and my Aunt had a second chance at life.  

My entire family was so grateful for my Aunt’s gift of life.  We decided then and there to add our names to the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  

On December 19, 2010, my mother had a massive heart attack.  We were told that she had no brain activity and that there was nothing they could do for her.  We knew instantly that she wanted to be a donor.  Her generosity provided sight to someone who could not see, and tissue to others in need.

I am a family member both a donor and recipient.  But what makes my story especially unique is the recipient, my Aunt, is the identical twin sister of a donor, my Mother. 

(Story told by Elizabeth Brooks – daughter/niece.)

(Photo:  Aunt Sharon (on left) and Mom “Karen” (on right))

Elizabeth Brooks is a Deputy Clerk in Daviess County, KY and encourages all Kentuckians to learn more about organ and tissue donation and to add your name to the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.