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Denisha- Organ Donor Mother

Denisha Henry’s journey with organ donation started in 2010, when her daughter, T’neil, had a headache that wouldn’t go away. That headache was actually a brain bleed caused by an unknown, abnormal connection of blood vessels in her brain that had been present from birth.

T’neil’s family knew that she was a giver with a beautiful heart and smile that needed to be shared with the world. They made the decision to donate her organs so that another family would not have to stand in the shoes they were now standing in.

Her mother has said that organ donation is one of the things they could do to truly bring honor to T’neil and the legacy of her life. Because of these decisions, in 2010, a 15 year old received two lungs, a 29 year old woman was gifted a heart, and two fathers each received a kidney so they could see their children grow up. T’neil also helped countless others through tissue donation, including a young man that is able to play sports again with the gift of a tendon.

Since then, Denisha’s journey has included being a Donate Life Ambassador, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates’ Board Member, and now she’s very proud to be helping organ donor families in a new capacity for KODA as a staff member.

Denisha still keeps up with T’neil’s heart recipient on social media. She has also dedicated much of her time to educate minority communities about the need for organ donation/transplantation, as they make up about 60% of the national waiting list for a transplant.

Although it’s been 12 years since T’neil’s passing, Denisha is still comforted to know that a part of her daughter lives on in others.