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Ledger- Kidney Recipient Son

Recipient Son

The only thing seven year old Ledger Powell remembers about his dad’s transplant is that he would run to get him water while he was recovering. He doesn’t remember the times that his dad, William, was on dialysis and didn’t have the energy to play with or even feed Ledger.

William received a lifesaving kidney transplant in November 2018, after being on dialysis for eight years. Thanks to a deceased organ donor, Ledger’s life experiences include his dad in a very involved capacity.

The memories of post-transplant surgery is what Ledger holds close to him, “my dad keeps me safe, healthy and strong no matter what.”

Family bike rides, trips to Florida, and swimming lessons are just some of Ledger’s favorite things to do. These are also some of William’s favorite things they do together. William is thankful for the opportunity to teach Ledger carpentry, how to play basketball and even cut Ledger’s hair.

William doesn’t know much about his donor other than they passed from an overdose.

Ledger having a healthy dad is thanks to a deceased organ donor.