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Everett-Kidney recipient

A grandfather to five and Morgan County resident, Everett Gibbs loves to spend time with his family! However, for nearly the past eight years, that quality time has dependent on dialysis and two kidney transplants. Everett received both transplants at the University of Kentucky Hospital, the first in 2010 at 57 years old and the second in 2019 at 66 years-old.

Before March 10, 2010, Everett spent a long two years and four months depending on dialysis treatment. After waiting patiently, Everett received his first kidney transplant. Shortly after the procedure, he contracted the BK Virus, leading to a concerning build-up of fluid. After the concern passed and the virus was controlled, Everett says transplant worked perfectly until 2013. He then became ill and spent another five and a half years undergoing dialysis treatment. On January 12, 2019, he received his second kidney. As of today, he is doing well and is healthy!

Everett will tell anyone how much he loves his family, so it is not surprising that his motivation to overcome his health obstacles was his grandchildren. The two-year-old grandchild stays with Everett and his wife one to two days a week…made possible through the gift of donation!