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Jim- Liver Recipient

Jim & Carol Powers are residents of Floyd County, Kentucky; located in the Eastern Portion of the state. Today the couple shares their donation story in hopes to help educate, encourage and comfort others as they may be facing a similar situation.

Eastern KY is where Jim Powers spent most of his days not only working, but spending time with family & friends, going to church and enjoying the outdoors. Jim’s wife, Carol worked as a beautician and bank teller where she also enjoyed spending time with loved ones, attending church, visiting the cabin her and Jim own and just living life to its fullest.

Although Jim and Carol had experienced many things together throughout their years of marriage, nothing could have prepared them for the road they would travel as years progressed.

In 2009, Jim was diagnosed with NASH an illness that affects the liver.  Unfortunately, as time progressed Jim’s condition and ability to live with this disease declined as well. As a result of the disease and progression, Jim was placed on the transplant waiting list where he would patiently wait on a new liver.  Yet as his journey continued Jim and Carol found their story would only bring another twist, Jim would need kidney as well.  This was because of the disease, medications for treatment and other medical issues.

See, Jim was not a stranger to the Doctor or Hospital Scene, due to an extensive cardiac history & diabetes, but he never imagined he would also be facing these challenges of transplant.

Time passed, as did many doctor visits and evaluations, and Jim still waited… Jim continued to decline in health despite all supportive efforts from his doctors and loved ones. Due to the progression of his illness Jim had to be hospitalized and at that time, he knew his time of waiting was limited. Jim knew he needed the lifesaving gift of a transplant.

However, everything changed on Mother Day in 2018. God provided the miracle that Jim and his loved ones had been praying so hard for.  Jim got the news that he was getting a second chance. All due to the selflessness of a hero named Yolanda, Jim’s donor. Yolanda provided the gift of both a liver and kidney at her time of passing.  Carol expresses it was truly the best Mother’s Day Gift she could have ever imagined, but also shares she felt so much empathy as she knew someone too was grieving at that time.  Jim truly glows when speaking of his donor, he accounts Yolanda to be the real angel in this situation, as she is his “hero” and “lifesaver”.

Fast forward to today, Jim continues to get stronger each day and most importantly honors his donor and gifts through advocating over donation and transplant awareness. Jim and Carol have gained a wealth of knowledge, faith, patience, and extreme gratefulness during this journey.  Now they look forward to sharing their story and helping others as days continue.