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Shawn-Tissue Donor

Adventurous, happy, giving; those are only a few words that people may use to describe Shawn Addington.

When Shawn wasn’t out with friends, camping in the hills of Eastern KY or being his normal adventurous and independent self, he was surrounding himself with his loved ones, truly enjoying life.

Shawn was a young man who was high spirited and full of love for his friends and family. This love and selflessness towards others are what Shawn’s


Mother, Ellen, accounts for the choice of becoming a donor.

Shawn lost his life in a tragic car accident years ago, however, his legacy and story did not end.

Through the gift of tissue donation, Shawn went on to enhance the lives of over 50 people.

Although Shawn may no longer be with us, his story continues on through others each day.