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Holly Sullivan-Donor Mom

Michael Paul Davis photo (640x418)On July 3, 2014, our family’s lives were not only forever changed, but ultimately shattered.  We received word that Michael Paul Davis had been in a four wheeler accident.  Upon arriving at the hospital, we were notified that Michael had already been pronounced deceased and was being sustained through artificial life support.  At that time a transplant representative informed us that he would be a good donor candidate and that many people could benefit through Michael’s gifts, should we choose to donate.

Michael had not been registered as an organ donor, so the decision to donate was one which we did not take lightly.  Michael was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside.  Michael never met a stranger, and his genuine smile was infectious.  He enjoyed hunting, riding four wheelers, searching for and collecting arrowheads, as well as riding around the “Barlow Bottoms” and the “Ballard County Refuge”.  He had always possessed a keen appreciation for the country life that Kentucky offered, including the beauty of the rural land around the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, with its abundance of wildlife.  Michael loved his friends, his dog Jake, and especially his family.  It was because of these things that the true “spirit” of Michael could be easily summarized…Michael Loved Living.  It was this simple love and passion for life which confirmed our decision to donate.  Now in his death, he has enabled others to do the same.  Donation IS what Michael would have wanted.

It is our hope that Michael’s story might help to raise awareness for the significance of registering to become an Organ and Tissue donor, so that another person or family might benefit from these most important contributions, the gifts of sight and life.