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Jamie – Tissue Recipient and Tissue & Cornea Donor

James Luther ‘Jamie’ Linville Brittnay's brotherMy brother, Jamie, always had a big bright smile on his face.  He was very handsome and had the best personality.  He was the type of guy that never met a stranger and would be your best friend within five minutes of meeting you.  His son looks just like him.

I want to tell you about my experience with organ & tissue donation.  My brother passed away on March 1, 2015, and he was a registered organ donor.

My mother worked with KODA that night, after Jamie passed.  Because of the manner in which he passed, he was not able to donate major organs, but he was still able to help so many people.  He gave 2 people sight by the gift of his corneas.  He also donated bone, veins, heart valves and other tissues to help save & heal people in need.

KODA was very good to my mother.  They made a very difficult time as easy as possible for her.  KODA sent her a medal that can be kept or placed in my brother’s headstone along with a personalized letter about the lives he touched.

My mom remembers speaking with my brother a few years ago when he decided to become an organ donor when he got his license renewed.

When Jamie was in high school, he had to have surgery on his ACL.  He received an ACL from a donor.  That is why he decided that he wanted to be an organ donor himself.  The picture of him in the tux is about the time he received his ACL.

The fact that my brother was able to be a donor gave my mother comfort through this whole ordeal.

This was my first personal experience with organ donation.  Thank you for wanting to share his story.  I hope it inspires others to consider giving the greatest gift – the gift of life and sight.

– Brittnay Mullins, Jamie’s Sister, Rockcastle Co. Deputy Clerk in the Circuit Clerk’s Office