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Janet Hearld Brown- Circuit Court Clerk –Bone Recipient

“I never even realized I was a recipient until speaking with Trust For Life and discussing a back surgery in which I received donor bone,” said Janet Hearld Brown, Muhlenberg Circuit Court Clerk.

Like all Circuit Clerks in Kentucky, Janet and her staff are supportive, and vital, to raising awareness about organ donation in Kentucky.  They ask two important questions to every person getting a state ID or driver’s license in Muhlenberg County.  If that customer would like to donate $1 to support the Kentucky Organ Donor Program, and if they would like to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  Muhlenberg County is one of the pilot counties charged with reviewing and testing a training program for new clerks about asking those 2 questions. 

“Organ and tissue donation has affected so many people in my community, and I am proud to be a part of the Clerks’ Association that has chosen to do something about this crucial need,” said Janet.