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Zachary Hutchens – Donor

Zachary Hutchens was a giving 22 year-old man.  He was a very special, thoughtful person who never met a stranger and always cared for those in need.  Zac supported organ donation and shared with his family and friends that he was on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. He encouraged everyone he knew to sign up as well. 

When Zac became an organ donor he gave the gift of life to five people in need, including a mother of two from New York, who had been on the national waiting list for a life-saving kidney transplant for nearly nine years.  Zac’s kidney was a perfect match.

We miss Zac and his bright smile terribly, but it helps knowing that his heart beats on and his generosity has given others a second chance at life. 

We believe in organ donation and the miracle it brings to those in need.  Before losing Zac we didn’t know much about organ donation.  I guess sometimes the child teaches the parents.

(Story shared by Zachary’s family.)