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Julie- Donor Mom

Wyatt had a light about him that you saw the instant you met him  He had a presence about him, he was calm but also full of energy. He made everyone comfortable no matter what you needed Wyatt could help. The kind of energy Wyatt could bring to a room was unmistakable. He could be all things to all people he just had a balance about him that made you content.


When we got the call from his girlfriend Katie we immediately knew something was wrong. He was on his way to the hospital. Soon after we arrived it was clear this was not good and Wyatt was not going to survive. Devastating is not even close. However, when Wyatt was 16 he joined the organ donor registry, so the process began. Because this all happened during Covid it was amazing how they handled this all remotely. Wyatt was the first donor handled this way and what an amazing job they all did.

The four days to follow were the hardest days as you can imagine but I was allowed to stay with Wyatt right by his side the entire time. Not only was Wyatt treated wonderfully and with respect they also were so very kind to me and my family. We will forever be grateful for that.  They let me say goodbye.

I wrote a message on a whiteboard for the staff to read before they started recovering Wyatt’s gift.  It read “This man, my baby, that is about to trust in you to recover his wonderful gifts for others, so they may live full lives.  Please know that this is no ordinary human being.  He was an angel the day he came into this world.  Truly a light for all!  His soul is so pure.  His love so real.  His heart so big!  Please, dear team of Doctors, treat him as good as he is.  He is my world.  We are one, he and I.  God gained his Angel back.”

It meant so much to me that they would read it and try to understand the type of person he was.  To understand what he means to me and so many others and what he surely means to the loving people that received his gifts. We are so grateful.


Life will never be the same without Wyatt but he is still giving life to others still helping others and still helping his family by his unselfishness to give the gift of life. If you could do that why would you not? Who wouldn’t want to help others if you could. I know that he is so glad he could help all that he did. Continuing even now to give love and light and positive energy to whoever he could help.


Pain beyond measure

Love beyond compare.


Love Wyatts Mom