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Lifesaving organ donor

Karsyn Dawn Tolson was a precious baby whom was just starting in life. Always smiling. Always laughing. Her smile would light up a room. When she died, a part of me died as well. KODA provided my family and I a chance to make something positive out of a tragedy. Karsyn was able to save two children’s lives with the gift of organ donation by giving away her heart and liver among other things. Not only did she save these children’s lives, but their parents and families as well so they wouldn’t have to go through the suffering that I was enduring. And who knows, maybe these children will go onto make difference in someone’s lives themselves. I have since became a Registered Nurse and work in the Critical Care Unit at our local hospital. I have been able to take care of potential KODA donors as well as ones that gave the gift of life. I feel like I can relate to the families and loved ones of potential donors and provide support and comfort. I truly believe that God took something tragic and turned it into something he could use as a purpose. Karsyn will always be my borrowed angel, and is living on in our hearts and in others. She truly gave the best gift of life; herself.