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Father is a Kidney Recipient

My dad started dialysis in April of 2019. His kidneys started to fail because of his diabetes. He didn’t want to live his life hooked to a machine but with a lot of talking and pleading, he decided he would do dialysis. Every single day I could see him going more and more down hill, but it was either do dialysis or die.

In 2021 he decided to try and get on the transplant list. After his doctor told him he wouldn’t qualify, he got a second opinion and decided to try. August 2021 he ended up with Covid and almost died. He was on a vent for a few days and ended up in the hospital for two months.

In the Summer of 2022 he re-did all of his tests and screenings to be listed for transplant. He finally got put on the transplant list in October 2022. He was on the list two weeks and was called in as a “back up” person which ended with him going home and not getting the kidney, which was ok. A week later he got the actual call. He wasn’t on the list a month and had got his kidney on November 3, 2022.

This has been such a long hard road for him and for me, as I had to go through the pain of watching him slowly die for all these years. When he started dialysis, I immediately read up on being an organ donor and put a lot of thought into it. I became and organ donor shortly after he was put on dialysis. I don’t want another family, another little girl, to have to watch her daddy slowly deteriorate. If I can help another family, another daughter, to not have to go through the pain that I’ve went through, I wanna do just that.

When I’m gone, I won’t need my organs, I want someone else to have them so they can get another chance at life, just like my dad got in November. Please donate life, it is so so worth it in the end.