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Lonnie Vansant — Liver Recipient

Lonnie Vansant

When Lonnie Vansant was 48 years old, he learned of a condition that would change his life forever.  Lonnie had a history of immune system problems.  After years of fighting, he & his family were told the news that he desperately needed a liver transplant.  He was placed on the transplant waiting list – and waited 3 long months.

Then, on Sept. 21, 1997, the miracle call came.  Someone had said yes to donation & saved Lonnie’s life.  He would be able to live again.  His liver transplant was a success.

Now, 64 years old and married to his wife Teresa, retired Rockcastle County Circuit Court Clerk, for over thirty years, Lonnie is in kidney failure. He is on dialysis three times a week.  Recently he was tested in Cincinnati and was told that he will need a kidney transplant.

Registered organ donors give hope to patients like Lonnie.  Please consider becoming an organ donor today.  Many families and friends are on the waiting list – every registered donor makes a difference.