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Mike White (Kidney Recipient) and Mike Torrence (Kidney Donor)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMike Torrence (left) and Mike White (right) have known of each other from a distance for several years through their mutual involvement in the Western Kentucky Car Club.  However, prior to this gift, they had never hung out or interacted much past the acquaintance level. Mike White had been diagnosed with a kidney disease which forced him to go on dialysis and be placed on the Organ Donor Waiting List back in November of 2013.   After bumping into Mike White’s wife last December in Walmart, Mike Torrence got wind of Mike White’s worsening condition.  Mike felt as though he could not stand idle and let a good person and community member suffer.  Mike Torrence selflessly donated his Kidney to Mike White in May of 2014 and today, they are great friends!  They speak on the phone almost every day, and are on the road to full recovery! Their story is a perfect example of good people helping good people.  By saying “YES” to organ donation, you are saying “YES” to giving the gift of life!