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Paul Hickey – Donor

We lost our son, Paul, in a horrible car crash when he was only 26 years-old.  I thought I could not live without him and as much as I wanted the world to stop, it did not.  I still have to wake up each morning and face a new day without one of my children.  That’s a suffering parents should not have to endure.

We knew Paul wanted to be an organ donor because we had discussed the issue shortly after he got his driver’s license.  Knowing what Paul wanted made the decision much easier to make.  Paul was able to save the lives of five people in need.  Just knowing that he helped others gives us much comfort and helped make sense out of the senseless.

We have since met two of Paul’s recipients.  What a joy to our family to see, firsthand, how Paul is still helping others.  We miss him terribly, every day, but we are so proud of the legacy Paul left behind.

Organ donation is a beautiful thing.