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Kidney Recipient

God will provide

Valentines Day 2005 – I got the diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease. So, I thought I would come clean this Valentines Day with the news that as of Jan. 26, 2012, I am on the kidney transplant list at UK Hospital. It feels weird to say that and I cannot yet compute. This disease has afflicted many on my Daddy’s side of the family. He and all his 5 brothers and sisters got it from their mother. I also have 2 brothers and many cousins who have it. What it does is cover up your kidneys with cysts which affects the function. My doctor says I have about 15-20% function. I can live with that. In fact, I will live with that while I wait for God’s amazing miracle working power to kick in.
I have learned quite a bit through all this. Had lots of tests which proved me very healthy otherwise. And I learned how a person can donate one of their good kidneys to help someone else to live. I have blood type ‘O’ which is rare, so finding a match will be tough, but I have faith.  

On Valentines; Day, 2013, Margie Hart called to say she is a match for me. She was the first person tested. She was a member of my church. We are good friends now and have a lot in common, including her kidney!