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Living Kidney Donor

In 2020, God put it on my heart to look into living organ donation. I’ve donated plasma, blood, and have been on the registry for bone marrow as well as a signed driver’s license.
I found out Vanderbilt was the top rated site for kidney transplants this side of the Mississippi River. I called them to ask questions about the process and to get started. Not knowing anyone personally, I was considered an altruistic donation (anonymous donation).

During the process, people I spoke with would ask me why, my answer “God told me to”. The process went so smoothly and all my text came back almost perfect (God Sighting). At almost 1 year of starting the process, I was approved. Within a month or 2 of approval, I received phone call there was someone in need, a match.
The week before surgery, I had an encounter with a young man and woman looking for the elevator after the EKG test. As we walked the hall, I asked them what they were up to that day. He said he would be receiving a kidney the next week and had been waiting for 5 years. My mom and I both wondered if this would be the recipient. But being an anonymous donor, I kept my mouth shut, congratulated him on receiving the much needed kidney, wished him well and went on my way to my next Dr visit.

The next week was surgery day, everything went so smoothly. We found out the recipient was a male and that he was doing great. The kidney picked up immediately and he would NOT need dialysis to get things working properly. We sent a prayer shawl to him to let him know he was being prayed for and he sent back 3 yellow roses. Yellow roses are very significant in my family, which he didn’t know. But for me, it was a sign from God that all would be well.

He had a desire to meet but due to different things, it was difficult for either of us. On my last day in the hospital, all I had to do was walk and I could go home. We finally hit the hall for my walk and my nurse, after a little while, walked around and opened a door to a room. We got to meet each other!!

He is a young man aprox 3yrs older than myself (who’s name shall remain anonymous). He was there with his mother, like myself. They were both so grateful and were praising God for what was done. When it got to an awkward silence, my mom told me to ask my question. So, I asked, if the week prior if he was looking for the elevator. (He did look similar) He looked back and forth from me to my mom and exclaimed, “that was you! That was you!!” We talked a little longer, added each other on Facebook, and said our goodbyes.

It has been 2 years since the surgery. My new friend is doing well and has gotten to celebrate many things in his family.
I’ve gone on to get married and start my own business. Life is good.