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Shay Christopher Fanase, Jr. – Donor

You have hopes and dreams for your children.  They are supposed to grow up, live wonderful lives, and have children of their own.  They are not supposed to die before you.  But ours did.  Our son, Shay Jr., was only 21 when he died.

Shay was the perfect son and brother, a very giving person who lived life to the fullest.

He was overtaken by nitrogen at his workplace on August 5th, 2009 and declared brain dead three days later.

Parents are not supposed to bury their children, but God has a plan for all of us.  Shay was not a registered organ donor, and although we had discussed the subject, we had  misconceptions about the process.  We now know what a wonderful gift donation is and making the choice to donate has helped us in the healing process, knowing others were saved and something good came out of such a tragedy.

A hero is someone who gives their life so that others may live.  Shay Jr. is a hero.  He was able to donate his heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, corneas and bone.  We have met two of his recipients, and are grateful that his legacy lives on.

Donating has made grieving for Shay a bittersweet journey.  His story has touched so many people.  Get the facts and talk to your family about donation.  Let them know your wishes.  Shay’s Gift of Life has brought all who knew him some closure.  We love you, Shay.

(Story shared by Shay, Jr’s family)