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Steve Campbell – Kidney (living donor) Transplant Recipient

October 2003, I was told I must be put on a list for a kidney transplant, and until they found a match I must be on dialysis.  I chose to do peritoneal dialysis so I could still try to live a somewhat normal life while awaiting a match.  Once the word was out that I would soon need a transplant, the people wanting to be tested were amazing.  We found out about a month later that my brother, Neal Campbell, was a 4 out of 6 match – which was awesome.  I continued dialysis while trying to work a 40 plus hour a week job, until I was given my kidney on January 26, 2004 – one day before my 33 birthday.

My brother has given me that second chance at life that I did not know I would get.  My life has always been filled with a rocky road.  I had juvenile diabetes, and have been dealing with that battle for 27 years, which is what caused my kidney failure.  My brother has given me the chance to watch my two boys grow up, spend time traveling and riding my motorcycle with my wife, and just be able to enjoy my life like a normal person.  I will always be so grateful to him and what he put himself through just to give me that second chance at life.

Before I was faced with this dilemma, I had heard about organ donation, but never realized how important it is.  We don’t need these organs when we go to heaven, and if we can extend the life of someone else, why not help?

My family and I make organ and tissue donation awareness a priority in our lives.  Anyway we can help someone else, we will be there.

My second chance at life was a gift that will not be taken for granted.  I feel it is my duty to do all I can to ensure others receive this gift.  I make it my pledge to make everyone I come in contact with aware of what joining the KY Organ Donor Registry can do!


Update: Steve passed at the age of 46 in Hopkinsville on February 1, 2017