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On August 16th, 2023 I got the phone call no mother wants to receive. My son Will was in the hospital unresponsive and they didn’t think he would make it. After two days of testing I met a wonderful woman from Koda and made the decision for Will to be an organ donor.

On August 21st my beautiful boy became an angel and an organ donor. I miss him so much it hurts and the pain is unbearable at times but I am comforted in knowing Will has saved some life’s. I know he would be happy about that too. He was a beloved son and father to an 11 year old daughter. He was so full of life and love and knowing that he lives on in others is a beautiful feeling.

I will always miss that face and the sound of his voice. I have since joined the donor list myself and encourage everyone to join as well. It could be a life saving decision for someone out there who desperately needs it.